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dh osteopathy - Tips, myths and more.

Tips,myths and more.  Pretty much as it says, on this page I will add thoughts and tips that you or someone you know may find useful. Please pass the information on to friends or family that may be interested. If you have any questions about any of the articles give us a call at one of the practices. We will be happy to discuss any related issues and can give you the name of an osteopath in your locality should you require their services.

Dave Heath


“Sciatica”A word that describes a symptom

“I've been told I've got a touch of sciatica”people often tell me. Not surprising, it is a common symptom. Let's debunk some of the confusion that people can have around this word though.


The body as the complaints department

I often say to patients “in the office of life the body is the complaints department”meaning that dis-ease in our bodies be this back ache, neck ache, headache or digestive upset is sometimes a signal of an imbalance in the wider context of our lives.


Do you have to “put up with”arthritis and spondylosis?

I have treated many people who believe that they have to live with osteoarthritis, or “wear and tear”as it is often called. They can't rejuvenate their worn joints this is true but often there are actions that can be taken to relieve the symptoms.


Eet inner o abite bones thee knowst!

Eet inner o abite bones thee knowst or, in non Potteries speak, it isn't all about bones you know.

It is a common misconception that osteopathy, having the word osteo in it means that it is a treatment just for bones. Perhaps we should have opted for a different tradename but it is with us so I will attempt to clear up some of the confusion.


Is your garden a pain?

. Pace Yourself
. Pace Yourself
. Pace Yourself
. Vary your activities
. Consider getting someone in for tougher jobs
. And......Pace Yourself

You may have guessed it by now that one of the more common reasons for people injuring themselves in the garden is not pacing their sessions in the garden. In other words “overdoing it,” going like “a pig at a tater,” or like a “bull in a china shop.” Catch my drift?


Osteopathy - For more information please contact us at Congleton & Hanford

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