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dh osteopathy - Tips, myths and more.


Is your garden a pain?

You may have guessed it by now that one of the more common reasons for people injuring themselves in the garden is not pacing their sessions in the garden. In other words “overdoing it,” going like “a pig at a tater,” or like a “bull in a china shop.” Catch my drift?

You would not consider a five hour workout in the gym even if you were a regular gym user, yet people will often hit the first bank holiday weekend in the garden, embarking on some major project, going all out to get the job done. They use muscles and move joints that have not been asked to work so hard in months. Then, days or sometimes weeks after, develop aches and pains, commonly back, neck and arm.

Instead, consider manageable chunks of time and effort and be happy to leave a job part done. Also, be patient with heavy jobs; a common source of injury is people deciding to single-handedly move one of their beautifully glazed and incredibly heavy pots to another part of their garden. If you get the urge to move one of those things sit down until the feeling goes away. Likewise be careful not to swing hover mowers from side to side; an activity that frequently aggravates low back pain.

If you are enjoying your day in the garden and want to spend more time then make sure you vary the tasks you are doing. This way you get to exercise different joint and muscle groups without overworking them.

If after all of this you feel like you have had a hard session in the garden, then, as with exercise, treat the next day as a lighter day to allow for muscle and joint recovery. It can still be active but keep it easy.

Dave Heath


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